"You made my boss laugh - hard! - and I didn't think that was possible! You were great."

KEYNOTES: “One Big Happy Family”

Building Better Company Families One Laugh At a Time

Teambuilding and Communication Keynote

Rex Havens spent his education collecting a string of initials after his name – BA, JD, MBA, CLU, CPCU, CSP – then honed his business acumen as a college professor of business and law and as an attorney* for a Fortune 50 company.  But his natural gift for entertainment just wouldn’t leave him alone.  So in 1991 he left behind the worlds of academia, business and law and took to the comedy stage, becoming a creature almost as rare in nature as a unicorn.  The result is ‘One Big Happy Family,’ an hysterical analysis of the ways we miscommunicate at work and what we should all do to maximize the possibilities of our professional relationships.

Simply put, “One Big Happy Family” is the most entertaining communication and teambuilding seminar you will ever see.  You’ll laugh like never before and come away with ideas and strategies which will make all of your relationships – professional and personal – stronger than they’ve ever been.


  • The simple (no-cost) changes you can make today to improve your corporate culture and strengthen your team dynamic.
  • The 7 things all managers should say to improve employee engagement and productivity.
  • The 7 things all team members should say and internalize to resolve conflicts, or better still, avoid them before they begin.
  • Communication strategies for creating seamless and enjoyable change management.
  • Communication improvement techniques for an age-diverse workforce.  Striking Powerpoint demonstrating each generation’s mindset and formative influences.

*Don’t hold that against him.  It was the ‘70’s, it was a crazy time, and everyone was doing it.

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